Letter requesting books.

Dear Mrs. Rowe: Thank you for your letter and quick response. My hope was a book exchange program back home would adopt us. Our unit has been assigned to a remote base. It took some time and serious effort to get us settled in here but our housing situation has greatly improved and the place is pretty well fortified. Our library currently consists of a well-worn collection of Louis L’Amour books and a few romance novels. We have no idea how they ended up here, but we have read them all about twelve times over for the lack of anything else. It would be great to have a selection from our mandatory reading list, and a variety of classic and modern novels, nonfiction and history, especially military history. Thanks to you and we look forward to hearing from your volunteer on the book exchange program. Sincerely, Captain Bates


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Writer of fiction and a little poetry. Member of JASNA, so I am a confirmed Janeite!

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