Already there is a wait list.

Dear Ms. Anise: Thank you. We have received the books and everyone was psyched to see the sheer variety although the military history books especially that one on Interpol seem to be the most popular. Already there is a wait list for it. We do have a couple of book requests. A medic here would like to read Hemingway or the Papa as you call him. He is asking for the two-part short story, Big Two-Hearted River, and another officer is asking for a copy of Henderson the Rain King, by Saul Bellow. A few others are asking for any Kurt Vonnegut books. If possible, I would like a copy of Miss Lonely Hearts by Nathanael West. Sincerely, Captain Bates


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Writer of fiction and a little poetry. Member of JASNA, so I am a confirmed Janeite!

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