Book Rescue 101.

Dear Captain Bates: Stopped by our town library to return my mother’s book. Attends the monthly mystery book club there even though she is not a fan of mysteries. The new library director was rolling out carts of books and she was dumping them. Was just so upsetting – cannot believe they would not sell them in the thrift store, or call one a nonprofit that will pick up and then resell them, or even put them out on a free table at our open market this summer. Instead they just were put out with the trash six (6) dumpsters full. Beyond awful and was so horrified, went back and pulled out about four (4) grocery bags.   So sad looking through those dumpsters – wish I could’ve saved them all. There is a lot of nonfiction and history – am in the process of sorting them to find them good homes. In the mean time, working on your requests and please keep me posted on authors and books both fiction and nonfiction, that you and the base members would like to read. I believe you said you wanted to try and build up a library? Thanks very much.   Best regards, Ms. Anise


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Writer of fiction and a little poetry. Member of JASNA, so I am a confirmed Janeite!

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