Vonnegut, Crocus, and Weeding.

Dear Captain Bates: Apparently my local public library dumps books every Wednesday. Found it is called “weeding,” an excepted practice for those books that are outdated to circulate, too racist or sexist. But I cannot understand their use of a computer to determine what is dumped – not even recycled just left in the trash. Already have found three (3) first editions worth quite a bit.

Enclosed are the requested books and working on more Kurt Vonnegut titles keeping my eye out in the library dumpsters, looking in used bookstores and asking my book club friends if they can donate more. Read Nathanael West back in college and thought his work was quite dark and brilliant. Speaking of dark — it’s a relief to see the crocus announcing spring — the buds on the trees are the brightest green and the birds seem to be almost shouting with joy after the long discontented winter we all went through. Even dogs walking or running on their leashes seem almost giddy with joy to be out and about. Best regards, Ms. Anise


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Writer of fiction and a little poetry. Member of JASNA, so I am a confirmed Janeite!

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