Persuasion & Bookcrossing

Dear Captain Bates, I’m happy to report that my surgery went well, and while I’m waiting on some follow-ups, my cousin Lulu has been assisting me with all the literary care packages, especially with boxing them up, lifting and going to the post office. We have now sent all the requested books we could find. Reading Catch 22 — found the chaos and the red tape to become kind of a character unto itself.   A theme also explored in the book MASH by Richard Hooker, which was the original inspiration for both the film and television series. Also enclosed is a copy of The Stranger, which I have read and found explores some rather dark themes as well. Enclosed is my favorite Austen novel Persuasion because it’s about second chances at least that’s what I think. And there is a military link here too because one of Austen’s brothers served in the navy. Find it’s best to read this book in summer since most of it is set in resort towns or by the shore.

Have sent your thanks several times to my book club friends. Actually we are part of, which is an international group that trades and swaps books. Monthly we meet a local café to talk about the books we are reading and authors and books we love. Most of the books will have a label with an identification number so we can track the book from reader to reader. People don’t even have to join — they can just log on as an “anonymous finder” to write a note that they found the book.   We all bring lots of books to our meetings, the left over or “orphan books” are brought to the bookcase we keep at the city’s youth hostel, Little Free Libraries, and other places where there are free or community bookshelves. Summer has faded and I have not read my annual baseball book. Usually take care to read one every summer. Although so far I found Moneyball to really be the most educational. If there are any requests for baseball books please let me know?Sending regards to all from myself and from Lulu, J. Anise


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Writer of fiction and a little poetry. Member of JASNA, so I am a confirmed Janeite!

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