Not really classified.

Dear Ms. J., Okay I will explain what a Fobbit is, it is a term for a person who tends to remain and rely, on the Forward Operating Base (FOB). We had a couple of recent additions here and it hasn’t been easy. They all pretty much hate combat espresso, which is better than nothing sometimes. Here is the recipe: pour creamer, instant coffee and sugar directly into mouth and wash down with water.

Now I do have a very odd request for your book exchange that is not really classified as politically current. This request is for romance novels of a particular genre, featuring women in the pioneer or frontier days that are abducted. The requester says she finds them hilarious and silly. I apologize if this is offensive to you, but I am only the messenger here, and if possible she is also asking for peach detox tea. Sincerely, Anthony Bates


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Writer of fiction and a little poetry. Member of JASNA, so I am a confirmed Janeite!

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