Sense and Sensibility?

Dear Ms. Anise, We received all the children’s books today. I am also thanking you for the book called Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen although I am not sure why you sent it to me. I don’t recall anyone requesting it but I expect it will be a fine addition to the library we are building. Sincerely, Captain Anthony Bates


Larry the Lizard.

Dear Ms. Anise: Please send as many of those rescued books as you can. We will give them a good home. We got our drop. Thank you for the care packages. I will check and see what other books our squad members would like to read. Reading here can be educational but also it provides a sort of mental vacation during times when the work can be tedious and long. A few of the guys in another squad have adopted a lizard, which they have named Larry and they are feeding him potato chip crumbs. I have also spent a good deal of time in both traditional and digital libraries, and yes I hope to build a decent library for my squad, and if possible open it to the rest of the base. Sincerely, Captain Bates