Safe travels home

Anthony, That’s such a relief that the base library was spared. Did the happy dance around after reading the news. Know you worked hard to save it. Yes I’ll help with the VA and clinic libraries. Enclosed are the winter poems from the book featuring poetry by children for Lily and Raf. Wishing you safe travels home, Janine.


Secured the library.

Janine, I am happy to report that someone has stepped up and we have secured the base library. Our new C.O. really appreciated the Kerouac books, and that helped us out. Once I’m back can we set up a new account? Buddy of mine Luis, is at VA in long-term care. He is asking me to set up library there for the patients and also at some of the nearby VA clinics, I’m sending a message to the book exchange now. Talk soon, Anthony.

Darcy v. Wentworth.

Janine, Unfortunately, I keep hitting walls here, but I have managed to finish Pride and Prejudice and have a few questions for you about the Darcy v. Wentworth debate, but they will have to wait. I am still working to see if we can save the base library here before I depart, Anthony

Not really classified.

Dear Ms. J., Okay I will explain what a Fobbit is, it is a term for a person who tends to remain and rely, on the Forward Operating Base (FOB). We had a couple of recent additions here and it hasn’t been easy. They all pretty much hate combat espresso, which is better than nothing sometimes. Here is the recipe: pour creamer, instant coffee and sugar directly into mouth and wash down with water.

Now I do have a very odd request for your book exchange that is not really classified as politically current. This request is for romance novels of a particular genre, featuring women in the pioneer or frontier days that are abducted. The requester says she finds them hilarious and silly. I apologize if this is offensive to you, but I am only the messenger here, and if possible she is also asking for peach detox tea. Sincerely, Anthony Bates