Library Contingency Plan

Janine, I am writing with news I don’t want to give you after everything you sent us, but I’m not sure we can keep the base library. Doing my best on putting together a contingency plan. Trying to take some pointers from your boy Darcy or was it Wentworth? I am counting down the days now to leaving, seeing my children Lily and Raf again, and being able to turn on and off lights just because I can, Anthony


Leading my squad.

Dear Ms. J., I appreciate your skill and understanding this matter. Leading my squad is a difficult challenge on a daily basis. We’ve had a few close calls. A few too many these days, and I didn’t realize how much it took out of me until we got back. Could not stop looking at pictures of my kids. Their names are Lilyana and Raphael. Legs shaking under me, and I know I should not be dumping this on you but have to write this out and tell someone. My sister questions me regularly  but I know she worries and she is pregnant. Sincerely, Anthony Bates.