Safe travels home

Anthony, That’s such a relief that the base library was spared. Did the happy dance around after reading the news. Know you worked hard to save it. Yes I’ll help with the VA and clinic libraries. Enclosed are the winter poems from the book featuring poetry by children for Lily and Raf. Wishing you safe travels home, Janine.


Darcy v. Wentworth.

Janine, Unfortunately, I keep hitting walls here, but I have managed to finish Pride and Prejudice and have a few questions for you about the Darcy v. Wentworth debate, but they will have to wait. I am still working to see if we can save the base library here before I depart, Anthony

Library Contingency Plan

Janine, I am writing with news I don’t want to give you after everything you sent us, but I’m not sure we can keep the base library. Doing my best on putting together a contingency plan. Trying to take some pointers from your boy Darcy or was it Wentworth? I am counting down the days now to leaving, seeing my children Lily and Raf again, and being able to turn on and off lights just because I can, Anthony

Wrapping it up.

Janine, I am sending this to tell you we appreciate everything that was sent. I am in the process of wrapping up my time here and will be heading home in a few weeks. There are still arrangements to be made and finalized. I am holding out that someone here will take over the library for me and become the new contact for the book exchange, Anthony

Was Fanny a wild child?

Dear Janine, Thank you for the last drop. The library has helped me, and many others here on this base. It means a lot to us. I have started to read Mansfield Park, and I don’t really understand why Fanny was sent away there? Is it because she was a problem child or some sort of punishment for bad behavior? I didn’t think she seemed like a wild child. Also I have received a request from one of my newer squad members for books or anything related to ice hockey. Communications are going down for a few days. Thanks, Anthony

Adrift and easily distracted

Dear Captain Anthony, Days continue to grow colder here and while waiting to cross a street, saw a spider scramble down its web on a traffic light. Enclosed is the requested: “for sale” sign, and per my spider visit — duly sending to you some mysteries for the library including Austen’s Northanger Abbey, which is not a mystery, but more of a spoof or satire of a gothic mystery novel, which were immensely popular best sellers in Austen’s time — much like Stephen King today. Found that Catherine Morland the heroine of Northanger Abbey seems to be one of those people lost or adrift as things happen to them and can be easily distracted. This story is set in Bath where Austen lived for several years but most scholars and devoted readers now agree that Austen — very unlike Catherine did not enjoy her time in Bath. For a little bit of fun enclosing the ghost story of the man who haunts the library I belong to around the corner from my workplace, as well as the story of Mercy Brown from Rhode Island. Thought to be Bram Stoker’s original inspiration for his books about vampires. Best regards, Ms. J.