Safe travels home

Anthony, That’s such a relief that the base library was spared. Did the happy dance around after reading the news. Know you worked hard to save it. Yes I’ll help with the VA and clinic libraries. Enclosed are the winter poems from the book featuring poetry by children for Lily and Raf. Wishing you safe travels home, Janine.


Please explain: Fobbit?

Dear Captain Anthony, Enclosed are the books by the authors requested Bukowski, Descartes, Kant and Rand. The holidays will soon be approaching. Please let me know if there are any special requests from your squad or others on your base. Enclosed are some fall poems by children and another supply of candy. And on another note, can you please explain: Fobbit?  Is this someone who only reads Tolkien? Somehow think not. Hope this note finds you well, Ms. J.

Hiya Lulu here!

Hiya Captain Bates! This is Lulu here! I’m Janine’s cousin although she’s more like my aunty! She had some surgery and cannot really do much right now. But first we went to the post office to mail out all those boxes! She sent you the books you all wanted for your squad library.   She wanted me to tell you that they are on the way and that she will send the rest of the books soon! OMG she is making me read Jane Austen too! Take care, Lulu! Oh and PS! She got all the thank you notes. They were all so sweet! Especially those poems from Chris!

Sci Fi for 50 cents.


Dear Captain Bates, Enclosed please find an assortment of books including the nonfiction and reference books that were requested. At the summer market our library had a book table full of James Patterson. Good selection enclosed. For science fiction, I am sending you the John Carter of Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs — much more well known for his writing Tarzan. My dad found the set for 50 cents. And also for the sci-fi fans, I have included Kindred by Octavia Butler. Received a communication from Mrs. Rowe that you are departing on leave soon. Safe travels and best regards, J. Anise

Mandatory squad reading list.

Dear Ms. Anise, Thank you for all the books that you have sent us. What is a crocus? I am not familiar. You will be getting formal thank you communications for the Hemingway and the Saul Bellow books. These members of my squad are both rotating home soon. The Vonnegut books have proved quite popular, thank you for continuing your search. If possible we could use some copies of books from the official reading list, more Hemingway books, and personally I would like a copy of Heart of Darkness for I am thinking of making it mandatory reading for the members of my squad as well. Sincerely, Captain Anthony Bates

Larry the Lizard.

Dear Ms. Anise: Please send as many of those rescued books as you can. We will give them a good home. We got our drop. Thank you for the care packages. I will check and see what other books our squad members would like to read. Reading here can be educational but also it provides a sort of mental vacation during times when the work can be tedious and long. A few of the guys in another squad have adopted a lizard, which they have named Larry and they are feeding him potato chip crumbs. I have also spent a good deal of time in both traditional and digital libraries, and yes I hope to build a decent library for my squad, and if possible open it to the rest of the base. Sincerely, Captain Bates