Best notify the book exchange.

Anthony, Know you are busy but best thing would be to officially notify the book exchange of your pending departure and/or end of the library, Janine


Wrapping it up.

Janine, I am sending this to tell you we appreciate everything that was sent. I am in the process of wrapping up my time here and will be heading home in a few weeks. There are still arrangements to be made and finalized. I am holding out that someone here will take over the library for me and become the new contact for the book exchange, Anthony

Officer X

Dear Janine, We got your latest drop and I’m sending you the address for Officer X our ice hockey guy. He was very happy with the book and you will be getting a direct communication from him.   He has to travel between our bases and a couple of others and he hates it because he says that there is always shooting at him. We are in a lull here with some long nights, so I am almost finished reading Mansfield Park. Thanks, Anthony

Request for children’s books.

Dear Ms. Anise, Thank you for everything you continue to send. It surprises me that you are reluctant with my expanding the mandatory reading list for my squad. Heart of Darkness is a classic novel, and I believe it was the inspiration for the iconic film Apocalypse Now.  If possible we could use some children’s books, so we can digitally record reading them, and communicate those recordings to our children back home.         Sincerely, Captain Anthony Bates

Cat’s Cradle v. Slaughterhouse Five.

Dear Captain Bates, A crocus is a small purple flower. Similar in shape to a tulip yet much smaller — usually one of the very first flowers to arrive — a spring scout and the other flowers follow daffodils, violets, tulips, and some types of iris.

Per your request enclosed are a few more Hemingway books. Have been reading — about Hemingway recently via books from my library’s weeding/book dumps. According to Sylvia Beach, the founder of the original Shakespeare & Company in Paris, he was always very generous running around helping out writers without money and connections in Paris, who got into trouble and needed to pay rent, or helping them out of other serious scrapes. Reading memoir of writer Lillian Hellman, she did not get along well with him so well and she once told him a manuscript was missing pages and he got very flustered and abrupt. Later learning from Dorothy Parker, that Hemingway was upset because he had to edit/cut — that manuscript because the publisher told him too.

Also sending for your library a couple copies of Vonnegut’s Cat Cradle.   Personally favor it more than Slaughterhouse Five and was flamed once for daring to give my opinion. I’ve also sent you a copy of  Heart of Darkness by Conrad, which you requested but with all due respect — must politely say that as the title implies the story is quite depressing — would not advise that it be added to the squad’s mandatory reading. Sending also a few of the required titles from the mandatory reading list – oddly enough have read some of these and find they are dark enough. And yes have received thank you communications from both folks you mentioned that requested particular books, and they were very gracious. Best regards, Ms. Anise