Adrift and easily distracted

Dear Captain Anthony, Days continue to grow colder here and while waiting to cross a street, saw a spider scramble down its web on a traffic light. Enclosed is the requested: “for sale” sign, and per my spider visit — duly sending to you some mysteries for the library including Austen’s Northanger Abbey, which is not a mystery, but more of a spoof or satire of a gothic mystery novel, which were immensely popular best sellers in Austen’s time — much like Stephen King today. Found that Catherine Morland the heroine of Northanger Abbey seems to be one of those people lost or adrift as things happen to them and can be easily distracted. This story is set in Bath where Austen lived for several years but most scholars and devoted readers now agree that Austen — very unlike Catherine did not enjoy her time in Bath. For a little bit of fun enclosing the ghost story of the man who haunts the library I belong to around the corner from my workplace, as well as the story of Mercy Brown from Rhode Island. Thought to be Bram Stoker’s original inspiration for his books about vampires. Best regards, Ms. J.