Kerouac books sent.

Anthony, Yes we exchange holiday cards every year, and occasional correspondence. Hoping the holiday packages that were sent to you and your squad arrived safely and this note finds you well. And I’ve sent both On the Road, and Desolation Angels by Kerouac. Personally quite prefer the latter, Janine


New commanding officer.

Janine, You still correspondent with your former high school A.P. English teacher? And we have a new C.O. I haven’t got much but I told him about the library. Can you please send some Kerouac books? Word is he is a fan. Thanks, Anthony

Naughty or Nice?

Anthony, This time had a lot of help. Friends from book club (Bookcrossing), from work and my family too. You know how you ask for something and people say: “oh sure.” But then they just forget about it. Well was organized enough that it didn’t happen. Everyone has contributed something. Took a couple of trips to the postal station to but it’s all been sent now. Cannot imagine how hard it must be for all of you so far away from your friends, family and all you know that is familiar during this time of the year.

Holiday shopping can be a project but have finished. This year I sent my former A.P. English teacher Mr. d., a copy of Vonnegut’s Mother Night. Recently learned he had not read any of Mr. Vonnegut’s books, but he admitted to seeing parts of the film version of Slaughterhouse Five. My original plan was to send him Cat’s Cradle but I could not locate it and chose Mother Night instead — thinking he might appreciate the World War II connection. Later did locate Cat’s Cradle. Was over with the “Naughty or Nice” section of staff recommendations.

Enclosed for you is a copy of Pride and Prejudice by Austen. This is the first Austen novel I read. Was back in college, juggling novels for different required classes; wondering why everyone was worried about everyone’s honor. Almost ten years later read it again and really got how it nails and rifts on human nature. Every year try to re-read it around the winter holidays. Be well and take care of you, Janine

First line only.

Dear Anthony, Sent Officer X, an autographed photo direct. For a bit of holiday fun — have sent you some books that are wrapped like presents. On the front of each book there is its first line printed or typed out. This is something we do every year at Bookcrossing. Everyone can choose a book based on the first line only. They cannot unwrap the book until they get home. Actually got this idea when visiting our friends in the DC Bookcrossing group but it is a lot of fun so we do it at our December meeting every year. Hope you are well, Janine

Officer X

Dear Janine, We got your latest drop and I’m sending you the address for Officer X our ice hockey guy. He was very happy with the book and you will be getting a direct communication from him.   He has to travel between our bases and a couple of others and he hates it because he says that there is always shooting at him. We are in a lull here with some long nights, so I am almost finished reading Mansfield Park. Thanks, Anthony